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Mandala meditation workshop with Stephanie

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A mindful practice for self expression. LEARN . CREATE . MEDITATE .

Invest a moment in time and allow your mind the freedom to express, with no judgment in a safe supportive environment. This is not a colouring in class - You will be creating your very own personal Mandala. I will teach you the fundamental principles behind making a Mandala and guide you through this mindful practice, allowing your mind the freedom to express your individual personality.

Class runs for 2 hours, ALL Materials are provided. NO artistic skills required

Investment $45 | On day $55

Mandala Therapy

Art making for the purpose of transcendence, mindfulness, and wellness.

. . .

Traditionally, the mandala is used as a meditation tool to search for the meaning of self. This often requires a study of this diagram which we may call the "personality" - the part of ourselves which bares witness to our vast invisible potential.

The very nature of creating a mandala is therapeutic and symbolic. The shapes and colours you create in your mandala art therapy will reflect your inner self at the time of creation. Using ones instinct and feeling should inspire and guide you through the process of creation.

Ultimately, you will be creating a portrait of yourself. Whatever you are feeling at that time, whatever emotions are coming through, will be represented in your mandala art therapy.

Once you have enjoyed creating your mandala, it has already served its purpose for you. We will together learn to the laws of impermanence and step into the wonderful world of "process art"

Your Mandala is a representation of you. A snapshot - a brief moment in time spontaneously expressed through your unique personal mandala.

About your Mentor ♥

Stephanie June Ellis is a professional artist, qualified Colour Therapist and founder of The Art Of Process. Through her workshops and retreats she engages with local and global communities offering wellbeing through the creative process with a focus on geometry.

Primarily working with pen and ink her creative practice aims to transcend viewers beyond the physical world and encourage a wider vision of awareness through universal patterns.

Over the past 12 years, Stephanie has dedicated her time to studying complex geometric patterns and biomorphic art which span culturally worldwide throughout traditional crafts and architecture. By exploring these significant symbols, her artistic journey has and continues to develop spontaneously. Each piece is a creative expression of her inner intuitive eye. The eye of contemplation; the eye of the soul.

. . .

Stephanie' s illustrations and paintings have appeared both nationally and internationally through solo and group exhibitions, murals and private clients.


Love Notes >>

“I have always thought & believed art should be offered and accessible to everyone, its not about grades, technique. it's about self expression. Visual art is extremely therapeutic, euphoric and joyful. I have been experimenting with the concept of Mandalas and how process art offers something that is not too scary; it feels more free and safe. As soon as a feeling of trust takes over, people respond with powerful unique creations. Their minds unfold rapidly, reflecting and shedding the chatter along with their personality and current emotional state …Someone once said that The mind is a good servant but a bad master; Humans are so tied up in our minds we tend to lose our senses. By collaborating with art and nature, we gift our senses the time and space to listen."

"Essentially - the point can’t be explained in words because art is not words - but after a while you will understand the point and that point will be the art itself."

State of Sahaja yoga studio, is a socially forward yoga studio and a percentage of your money will go to charity. We all get to contribute to the betterment of all beings, simply by applying self-care.

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Note: Limited Spaces

* To secure your spot please book in advance

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0407 690 769


Please note: I cannot refund due to material allocation and other people missing out on a class. You are more than welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else. I hope you understand - Thankyou xx