we love first timers!

Have you ever said to yourself you can’t practice yoga as you’re not flexible enough? Guess what, that is a myth! You don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga at all! In fact, if you are not flexible – you are in good company and good hands at State of Sahaja! We believe in a balanced body and that means strength and flexibility combined. Plus, no matter your level of experience, it’s not about what it looks like, it’s about how it feels.

For your first class, please come in about 10-15 minutes early, so we can introduce ourselves to you and get you familiarised for your first class!

If you are completely new to yoga, do keep an eye out for our 4 week Beginner’s Course with our experienced teachers. This course is designed to introduce you to the foundations of yoga and learn the modifications you can make whilst in any of our timetabled yoga classes.

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 Some things to get you started

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Please no shoes

Just like in our homes we take our shoes off before we enter, we have a no shoes policy.

Please either leave shoes at the front door or leave them in the lockers.

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what to bring

We have mats and water available, but do bring your own if you have them. We also have lockable lockers available for use to house your valuables.

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What to wear

Wear clothing that is comfortable, not too restrictive or too baggy (that gets in the way).

For our brothers shorts and a singlet or similar.

A Little Paperwork

Please print and complete our waiver and registration form and bring it with you to your first class to save time.

 Private sessions

At State of Sahaja yoga studio, we work with our students in group yoga classes, as well as one on one yoga classes.

One on one private yoga classes are for all people who would prefer a smaller yoga class setting or a tailored class specific to them.  The one on one yoga classes assist with technique, injuries, energetic and functional alignment for your body, overcome any challenges and also can incorporate and focus on breath work.

We are all unique and even our own body isn’t the same on each side. In our yoga classes we sometimes can’t give alignments cue for each individual body, so our teachers use generic alignment cues and at State of Sahaja yoga studio our yoga teachers do aim to offer individual corrections in all our yoga classes, however in large group classes we aren’t able to assist every person in the room. Getting to know, learn and understand your body takes time and experience. It also takes time to learn how to adjust and modify a pose or flow to suit your unique body. Through the one on one session it speeds up that process due to smaller setting.  The one on one also gives you the tools to have a safe and effective practice in any class that you take at State of Sahaja Yoga Studio.

At State of Sahaja, our yoga teachers have many years of experience behind them from life and teaching.  Many have been teaching for over 10 years. Our Founder has been teaching full-time for 15 years. All State of Sahaja yoga teachers are required to keep up with their own yoga practices and continuing education yearly, to further their own capacity and evolve their teachings.  All our yoga teachers have current up to date CPR and first they aid.  All our yoga teachers can offer you a one to one session, simply choose the teacher whose classes resonates with you and ask them or email us:

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 we recommend

Complete beginner

Three private sessions over a 1-2 week period to learn the basics and fundamentals.

Intermediate yogins

For yogins who have an on/off practice of 1- 2 years or 6 months of regular practice 2-3 times per week.

One private session every 4 - 6 weeks along with a regular practice or when you feel a need for some maintenance.

Yoga plateus

For those recovering from injuries or hit a block in your practice. private sessions as required.

Experienced student

For those with 3 - 5 years of regular practice and are in need of a new environment or support.

One private session every 3 - 6 months or when you feel a need for some maintenance.

 Yoga teachers

We also offer private for yoga teachers who need some guidance with sequencing, adjustments or hit a plateau in their teaching.

Private sessions as required.