Full Moon, Partial Lunar eclipse & week update

Hey Beauties!

So pretty crazy in 3 days time we will be two months old!  How time flies!  As we shared last week July is a month filled with workshops and last weekend we had four great workshops here at State of Sahaja.

Friday we had our blissful AcuYin with Sandi and we run these workshops seasonally, so our next one will be in Spring. Stay tuned.

Saturday afternoon we had Nathan “Carnage” Corbett come and speak! He was engaging, raw, authentic and honest.  Also funny! Nathan shared an experience in his life that he vocalised for the first time publicly and I loved how honest he was and comfortable with sharing his vulnerability. We cant wait for Nathan to come back to Oz and next time we will look at doing a mobility class with his talk.

 We have always shared that we’re more than a yoga studio and Nathan’s event was just that. There was only one member rom SOS there and the rest were friends, fighters and people who don’t practise the physical form of yoga, but we all came together as a community to support one another and hear this decorated champion speak. That’s what is important to us, the community!

We also had Ritiki, a Master Sattva yoga teacher come and teach meditation and pranayama, oh boy, cosmic! We will be adding Sattva yoga to our schedule regularly, so stay tuned.  

So this weekend, we have a private event with the Lululemon Gold Coast team, which I am super excited about.  As you might know, I am a lululemon ambassador and it is such an honour and privilege to be able to represent the brand and the Gold Coast store.  I love these events, as it is a way for me to also love up the team that creates epic experiences for all the beings on the Gold Coast.

Then On Sunday it’s our first LIVE music event!  Sounds on Sunday with Mattie Barker and me!  We will be doing a 75 minute yinwithyang class and Mattie will create a soundscape with his soothing voice and guitar.  

 Sunday 21stJuly |  4pm – 515pm | $25

75 minute yinwithyang yoga class to live music, accompanied by mattie Barker. If you want to join us, book here.

 So tomorrow, Wednesday 17th July, early am is a partial Full moon Lunar eclipse and apparently that last eclipse until 2021. They say that this is the time to catalyze change for us to connect to our purpose and to connect with to our life’s mission.

So what is your life’s mission? ;)

Till we meet again next week!

With Gratitude and light,

Judes and Team Sahaja xx