Hey Guys!

It's Judes!  Every time I hear "hey guys" I think of all the you-tube video greetings lol anyway went off track. We are about 5 weeks old now :) and the month of July is the start of not only eclipse season, planetary retrogrades (random information lol) but for us workshops, workshops and workshops! 

 We aren’t just another yoga studio, we are so much more than that.  I started State of Sahaja to give back to others and for everyone who came to a class, to have an experience.  We don’t really remember “things” we remember how something or someone made us feel, we remember our experiences.

 I remember my first every yoga class way back in 2001. I remember all the major breakthroughs I’ve had in my classes, as they were experiences that touched me; And I want to be able to on forward that opportunity to all of you!  To have an experience that will move you, touch your heart in a way you never thought it could be touched and maybe even stay with you for the rest of your life.  

We kicked our workshops off with a cosmic bang and a magnificent Kundalini yoga workshop with one of my favourite and main teachers, HarJiwan.  HarJiwan has been pivotal in guiding me through my Kundalini practices with privates and mentoring.  It is a practise that seen me overcome adversities and helped me to take care of my mental health.  16 of us came together, breathed, chanted, rolled, laughed and cried together. Stay tuned for HarJiwan's next workshop with us ;)

What I love even more is that the residences all heard what was going on and over the last few days have come up to me to tell me about it! Lol they loved hearing us!  Oh for those of you that don’t know, were located in the Marina Concourse in Benowa oon the ground floor of residential towers and we love our residences as much as they love us too!

We have 4 workshops this week!  I know right, 4 you say!  Well we had two last minute books in, one with Nathan "Carnage" Corbett, who is back home on a short visit from the USA.  Nathan lives in the USA now as a TV Sports presenter, so we had to say yes when the opportunity came up.

Friday 12th July | 630pm-830pm | $60

AcuYin with Me (Judes and Sandi) AcuYin is when acupuncture and yin yoga had a baby: AcuYin.  This is a 2 hour yinwithyang yoga class combines with Acupuncture! It will send you into a state of bliss and as we are focusing on the winter meridians, it will aid in restoring and rejuvenating your jing, lifeforce. 

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Saturday 13th July | 2-330pm | $25

Speaker: Nathan "Carnage" Corbett 

We had to say yes when the opportunity came up to have Nathan speak and share how he has overcome so many of life's hardships as a father, a man, a decorated 11 x world muay thai champion.  Mindset, men’s health and mental health for all are important to us. This is an event for everyone, including kids.

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POP UP Sattva Yoga Saturday 13thJuly | 4pm-515pm | $25

With Ritika a master Sattva yoga teacher who has just recently returned from the foothill of the Himalayas with Sattva founder Anand Mehrotra.

Sattva yoga or Himalayan kundalini is an integrated, holistic yoga practice for the mind, body and spirit. This practice is derived from the ancient Himalayan tantric tradition.  Are you suffering from insomnia? Endless chattering of the mind? Feeling lack in your life - be it lack of material wealth, be it lack of creative energy, be it inability to relate? Are you suffering from addiction? There is a kriya for refining and fine tuning your energy to overcome any situation in your life. 

 We use kriya in sattva yoga practice to prepare ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually for the transformative experiences. These experiences become available as we start to access the deep reservoir of cosmic intelligence.

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Sunday 14th July | 4-515pm | $25

Sounds on Sunday | Silent yoga disco with me! 

This event is kicking of our sounds on sunday series, where our 4pm classes will always be music based in one shape or another.  This is our third silent yoga disco and it will be on the winter element of Water. SO fluid, smooth and sensual! ;) it will also be out on our yoga deck. Please bring something warm for deep relaxation. 

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Oh and if you ran in the GC Marathon last weekend, good on you!  To bring your BIB in for a free class!  We want to acknowledge your amazing feat of running!!  We don’t run, but we love that you do! J

 Maybe see you on the mat in one our regular classes or see you at one of our workshops coming up this week.

With Gratitude and light,

Judes and Team State of Sahaja